Visual Journal Page 37: A Letter from A Loved One

          I love fortune cookies, and they are a great way to get instant inspiration. This is another page about a fortune that said, “You will soon receive a letter from a loved one”. I was surprised by this fortune because it was true, ironically Christmas was right around the corner and the Christmas cards were just starting to come in.

          I decided that since this fortune was so true I needed to create a page about it using the Christmas cards I got that year. It was a great way to save these cards, a piece of my holiday, and create a new, interesting, and personal visual journal page.

          To create this page all I did was cut up my Christmas cards, glue them down with rubber cement, and place the fortune on top. I added a sliver of green behind it to help it stand out against the busy background. This visual journal page was easy to create, but meaningful. Important visual journal pages don’t necessarily have to take hours to create!

CHALLENGE: This is a new thing I want to try out. I will offer a prompt to all you visual journalers out there in need of a good idea. I will base it on the inspiration I used for my page. This challenge is extra challenging because it involves getting Chinese food and then creating a page based on your fortune cookie no matter what it is about!! Enjoy your Chinese and your journaling!

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