Visual Journal Page 36: Mini Cooper Desk

          One day I was browsing the internet looking for a picture of a Mini Cooper I could add to my visual journal… I had no idea I was about to stumble on an amazing creation…

          As soon as I spotted this among the many google image thumbnails I had to click on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes… a Mini Cooper desk! I knew I had to print it and make a page about it because it was so amazing. If this were my desk I would look forward to sitting down to it, I would never want to leave it, I would probably turn into a workaholic… or I would be so distracted by the amazingness that is the Mini Cooper desk that I wouldn’t get anything done.

          I made this page using an image printed from the internet, notebook paper, and sharpie. I wanted to put something behind the desk to help it pop, and I thought notebook paper was a great way to accomplish this while tying in an office feel. This was one of the first pages where I really considered the font of the words. I wanted it to fill the page, be bold, and tie into the desk colors. I wrote the letters out with pencil first to make sure they were large enough, filled them in with black sharpie, then added a shadow using red sharpie. I’m still not positive this is grammatically correct… If this was? were? my desk… It still bothers me to this day, make sure you always check spelling and grammar!

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