Visual Journal Page 35: Making Things a Little Bit Brighter


Something was off that day. I don’t know if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, didn’t get enough sleep, or if my students were really being that bad, but this particular day was a rough day. I truly don’t remember a specific event making things go bad, all I remember is the feeling, the exhaustion, the seconds slowly ticking by. My classes seemed a little more wild, my projects weren’t going perfect, and all I wanted to do was go home get under my covers, and wait for the day to end.

When the 3:30 bell finally alarmed I didn’t feel the sense of relief and freedom I typically feel. I still felt the heaviness of the day weighing me down, I felt the length of my car ride home adding on top. I slowly picked up my room, checked my email, shut down my computer, and gathered my things. I made my way to my car, and had to sit for a moment as I processed my forty minute ride, wishing for the ability to transport myself home in an instant. The radio droned on, cars flew by, and yet my car felt like it was heading down I-20 at 5 miles an hour.

Eventually I found myself driving down my street and pulling into the driveway. Nick was home, still working his serving job he had some weekdays off. I walked inside, dropped my things, and looked for my husband, ready to transfer the weight of my day onto him through complaints, rants, and a down right bad attitude. I was annoyed to find him not in the house, and after he had the entire day off the house was on the messy side. I searched the house to no avail, with my annoyance increasing with every step, every room. I finally made my way outside, and the puppies daily bombardment and excitement for my return only increased my annoyance rather than relieving it like most days. I looked towards the back and there was my hub, covered in dirt from head to toe, in the very back of our yard, standing in what had previously been a wisteria jungle, but was now transformed into tilled dirt, and open space.

It was that moment I smiled, I smiled for the first time that day because I saw my future garden. Since we bought the house the previous May all I wanted was my vegetable garden, but the unruly yard held back plans, Nick convinced me it would be another year before we would be able to get it under control.

He lied.

He surprised me with my garden, and he immediately made my day perfect. I will never forget his goofy grin, his dirt covered self, standing in one pocket of our messy backyard. He made my garden possible that year, and each year since he has taken the time to clear out the leftover wisteria, till the dirt, and get everything prepped for my plants. He is a wonderful husband because he puts himself out to make me happy. That day has become one of the best days, and fondest in my envelope of happy moments, nine hours of bad was wiped away by two minutes of surprise revelation. My hub, you have the ability to make even my worst days a little bit brighter. Love you!


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Magazine images
  • Sharpie


This page took a long time to make, despite the simplicity of the design, because I had to find a pile of tomatoes in magazines. For a few days I dug through magazine after magazine, cutting out every tomato I found, big or small. When I finally had a stack big enough to cover a portion of the page, I began looking for my sky and ground. Blues, greens, and fencing were discovered, ripped out, and cut up.

Once I had all of my pieces I began constructing the image. I started by gluing down ripped up shades of blue for the sky, followed by ripped up grass for the ground. Rather than covering the entire page I decided to just create a stripe of image in the middle, which allowed me to find less images, and created a different look. Once the sky and ground were complete I glued down the images of fence posts, and tomatoes. I carefully cut out the larges tomato image I found, and glued it to the bottom left page to create a focal point, and starting place for my words. To top it off I added the words along the bottom of the page with sharpie.


Create a visual journal page about a happy moment in your life. Take a piece of your day and reminisce on happy times!

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