Visual Journal Page 33: Notes

          The best messages are simple… and written on napkins… and found on refrigerators. I love finding secret notes… or even not so secret notes. Every now and then Nick will slip a note into my lunch box, or leave one on my night stand. It’s a nice way to brighten your day, a reminder that someone cares about you.

          My parents have part ownership of a house in Hilton Head, and we often go up for vacations during the year. One week we went up, we came after my Aunt Lydia left. As I was unpacking the car and putting away groceries I found this note stuck to the fridge. It made me smile, and think about her, and as a good visual journaler I came prepared with my supplies and decided to create a page about it.

          I am very close to my Aunt and Uncle, they might as well be my second parents. I see them often, talk with them often, grew up with them around, and I don’t know what I would do without them. When the inspiration came for this page I knew it would be a great way to create something that would remind me of them and show how much I care about them.

          To create this visual journal page I used the note written on the napkin, magazine cut outs, notebook paper, sharpies, and rubber cement. I cut the notebook paper up to create a refrigerator shape, and used the sharpie to outline it and add shadows to help define the shape. I glued the magazine cut outs of magnets to push the point across even further, and I glued the napkin on top. I used sharpie to draw the scribbles in the background and add the words. The page just so happened to have a refrigerator on it, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t covered up since it related so well!

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