Visual Journal Page 32: Rupert’s First Check-up

I am a lucky person because I already own my dream car. He is a Mini Cooper, his name is Rupert, and I talk to him like he is a real person.

My parents must have loved me because while in high school they bought me a nice 1996 Honda Civic, Alfred. It was a great car, good gas mileage, dependable, and it forced me to learn to drive a stick shift. However like many high school drivers I abused that car, it’s possible that I abused it a little more than your average early driver. It survived two rear end accidents, a few door dings, and not being washed nearly enough. Towards the end of college Alfred began to show signs of decline and I started to think about what to do next.

On the Mini Cooper website you can build your dream Mini. Just for fun I would visit the site and carefully select the interior, the various packages, the white stripes, and the oxygen blue color. I had been saving for my own car since sometime in middle school, but I never actually thought I would own my Mini Cooper.

One day My Dad suggested since I had enough money to put a substantial down payment on a car, we should go take a look at a Mini. I expected to go look for fun, but that day I ended up signing the paperwork for my very own car, that I worked hard for, and bought all by myself. It was an amazing feeling.

Since then I must say I have taken pretty good care of Rupert. He doesn’t get washed nearly enough… but I do my best. I decided after my first check-up with him I needed to make a page about it in my visual journal because he is such an important part of my life.

       I always try to save Mini Cooper images when I run across them. I have yet to stumble upon an oxygen blue Mini in an ad, but that just makes Rupert more special. All I did to make this visual journal page was rip up and glue down book pages in the background, glue down the Mini cut out, and glue down the tag from the appointment. You can’t see it very well in the image, but I tied a string from the mini to the tag to connect the images together.

Are you obsessed with your car? Did you enjoy reading about mine? Share it, e-mail it, help me spread the word about visual journals! You should try to start one too!


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