Visual Journal Page 31: If it’s Old and Peely


I love anything and everything old and peely, and over the years I have slowly added piece after piece of old and peely to my home. Recently, it has even found it’s way into my artwork (click here to see my recent mixed media paintings!).

There is something intriguing about the layers of paint, partially revealing it’s past through the cracks and disintegrating layers.  The hint of original stain peeks through the next layer of white, then blue, and another layer of white. The history tantalizes my imagination as I wonder who had this table before I did, and what creative burst made them add yet another layer of paint, and a new life to this piece before it was passed onto it’s next owner.

Antique stores are my favorite places to waste time. I love to peruse booth after booth, peeking beneath piles of history and into hidden corners. I love to imagine how this table and that chair would look in my house, and immediately wipe the image as soon as I see the price.

When I finally choose a new piece of furniture, it means it is very special. I carefully picked it out, considered what uniqueness and aesthetic it would bring into my house, and finally gave into the feeling in my gut that this is the one.

Luckily, being in my mid twenties I have only upgraded my homes. I have moved from a tiny apartment, to a small house, to another tiny apartment, and finally into my lovely, historic 1940’s home. I have yet to find myself in a position where I no longer need a piece of furniture, and I dread when that moment comes.

Each piece of furniture is so special, and serves an important decorative and imaginative role in my living space. What will happen when I realize a piece is no longer needed? I can’t imagine my treasures scattered on my lawn, being picked over by people who may not have the same enthusiasm for furniture as I. I suppose this fear will require that I continue to upgrade into beautifully spacious, yet still historic, homes.

As much as I love my antique stores and my genuine antique items, I have to admit I am a sucker for all things peely, whether or not it has the word “old” attached to it. I have my fair share of new furniture, with that antique feel carefully manufactured into every piece. I have even created my own new/antique with my layered and sanded down paint projects. In fact, I have hopes to create a faux antique dining room table this summer.

The truth is new, old, antique, or not, of it’s peeling or cracked it will find a place in my heart. I suppose I can hope that I will add a layer of history to each piece of furniture I own. And when the day comes when I finally find myself giving up these pieces that I so love, I can only hope that the new owner’s will add another new layer of stories for the next owner to ponder upon.


  • Visual journal
  • Scissors
  • Rubber cement
  • Magazine images
  • Sharpie


While wasting time one day flipping through an Anthropologie magazine, looking at the clothes and home decor I desperately wanted, but can’t afford, I suddenly found myself ripping out pages. I loved the background used to advertise the products, and decided I would make a visual journal page out of it.

I ripped out stairs, doorways, cupboards, walls, and floors. When I was finally finished destroying my catalog I realized all of the images shared a common theme, old and peely. The layers of colors, cracked plaster, and rough texture was so appealing to me, and I imagined myself living in a house, surrounded by the layers.

I decided I had to take these images and construct this seemingly abandoned, yet beautiful space. I ripped up the images with floors, and carefully glued them down. I then added the walls, molding, doorway, cabinet, and ladder. Last but never least, I wrote the words with sharpie, and my old, peely room was complete.


Create your ideal space in your visual journal using images found in magazines. It can be inside, or out, old, or new, it’s up to you!

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you found inspiration to start your own visual journal today! Please help my spread the word about my blog my sharing with others, subscribing, and of course commenting!


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