Visual Journal Page 27: Draw

Sometimes you need to take a break from serious topics and make something just for fun. This is exactly what this page is for. I found this in a random magazine and decided to create a page about a play off of words, and who better to use for a light hearted page than Elvis Presley?

Here is Elvis, playing a serious cowboy of some sort, pointing a gun at you. He’s in the middle of a motion, right after someone most likely shouted “DRAW”, since that seems typical in your standard cowboy duel movie. I thought it would be funny to take this serious scene and collage it into an image that could be interpreted as relating to art. Rather than drawing a gun, maybe Elvis is now commanding you to draw a picture! It’s silly, random, and maybe doesn’t make complete sense… but who said art had to be any of those things anyway?

I cut Elvis out of a magazine image and glued him in the center of the two pages. I used the leftover pieces from the original image, ripped them up, and glued them down to help bring the focus on Elvis. I added a squiggly line down the left side, with the word “draw” attached to the line. To emphasize the word I colored it with colored pencil, since it is the only color in the image it stands out.

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