Visual Journal Page 2: Some Things Make Me Wonder…

Visual Journal Page 2-Some Things Make Me Wonder

I loved the book I chose as the base for this visual journal. “Early American Decoration.” The book was filled with off colored pages, interesting fonts, pictures, and had a sturdy cover and binding. I couldn’t wait to start filling the pages.

As I moved from the first page to the second, I realized two of the pages were stuck together. I immediately assumed rubber cement or Mod Podge had leaked from the previous page, causing the pages stick. As usual, I ran my fingers between the pages, expecting them to easily separate; but, they didn’t budge.

I took a closer look and realized the page was actually one large piece of paper that had been folded in half, then both edges were attached to the binding. I could see between the pages, but without ripping the pages apart, there was no way to separate them. This combined page made no sense, and served no purpose. With the exception of one other page buried towards the back of the book, every other page was your standard, single sheet, run of the mill, book page.

I had plans for this page, but had to push them back to the next one. I needed to make a visual journal page about this strange part of my book. I had to put my confusion down on paper, some things just make me wonder… why?


  • Visual Journal
  • Rubber Cement
  • Scissors
  • Book page paper
  • Magazine image
  • Gesso
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Sharpie
  • Xacto knife


When I decided to make a visual journal page about the oddity of my book, I knew I had to emphasize the double page. To do this, I cut a rectangle out of the first page using an Xacto knife. I then flipped through magazines looking for a light bulb. I finally found this image of multiple hanging light bulbs, and knew it would be perfect. I carefully cut around the shapes using scissors and an Xacto. When I placed it inside the rectangle cut out, I realized the text competed too much with the light bulbs. To help tone down the background I painted watered down gesso inside the rectangle.

Once the gesso dried I glued the light cut out using rubber cement. To help the image flow from the left to the right, and to create a space to include words, I glued down ripped up book pages. To finish it off I added the text with sharpie.


Create a visual journal page about a situation you just couldn’t figure out. It can be as simple as a drawer that won’t hope or as complex as a relationship that just doesn’t seem to work.

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