Visual Journal Page 12: The Never Ending Thank Yous

I won’t forget how my stomach was filled with butterflies as my Dad led me to the aisle, I was terrified I would trip, stutter, or cry, with all of those people looking at me. However, as soon as I made eye contact with my future hub, the fluttering began to subside. As I approached the alter and turned to look at the crowd, the fluttering came to a halt. The “crowd” was made up of our closest friends and family. I had nothing to worry about, and my nerves gave way and allowed me to put focus on Nick and the commitment we were about to make.

I was already thankful to have the amount of support we did on our wedding day, and it was an added bonus that our support also provided a lot of gifts. I won’t forgot the feeling I had when we received our very first wedding gift a couple of months before the wedding. It solidified what we were doing, it made everything seem real. The date seemed so far away, but when that first gift found its way to our doorstep it suddenly seemed like it was right around the corner. As the gifts rolled in we opened them, oohed and ahhed, and promptly mailed our thank you card. I thought we had it under control, I thought we wouldn’t have too many to write after the wedding, since we had already received so many gifts. I was wrong.

The last day of our honeymoon was bittersweet. I was ready to go home, but who wants to leave paradise and face the real world full of work and bills. We slowly packed our things, and headed to the airport. The long drive to the airport, flight, Marta ride to Roswell just to pick up our cars to turn around and head home, equaled an almost 12 hour day of travel. I was exhausted. As we pulled into the driveway of my Parent’s house dread weighed on my shoulders. I didn’t feel like getting back into another car to drive another 40 minutes home. But, it had to be done, so I mustered as much will as possible, and ran inside to grab the gifts brought the night of the wedding.

My parents house was filled with presents. Baskets of items, a pile of envelopes, big and small boxes, ribbons, bows, bags, and multicolored tissue paper filled the den and dining room. My plans to nap on the way home while Nick drove were quickly replaced by my realization that this was going to require two cars. We spent the next twenty minutes loading up gift after gift before we finally hit the road.

Despite our overwhelming exhaustion we opened every single gift that night. As soon as the first piece of wrapping paper tore, I didn’t stop moving. I couldn’t help it. As soon as one surprise was revealed, I couldn’t wait to see what the next box, bag, or envelope contained. We practically got everything on our registry, and I thought I over registered. We had a stack of checks, new decor for both bathrooms, our bed set, and more things than could fit in our kitchen. I couldn’t believe the generosity of our friends and families. Their gifts helped us buy Nick a new car when his died. They have helped us get started in our new lives without depending on our finances to get our house decorated and filled. Not a day goes by that I don’t use at least five things given to us on our wedding day.

Although we hadn’t really made a dent in the thank yous before the wedding, like I originally thought, I didn’t mind writing them. The least I could do was remind the person how much I loved and appreciated them. How much their gift meant to me. How I love using it everyday because it reminds me of my wedding day, and the commitment I made to Nick.


  • Visual Journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Thank you cards & envelopes
  • Gift list
  • Sharpie


This page was simple enough to make. It only required a few supplies in addition to the items I already had. I love making pages with sentimental items because it means more and it is often easier to complete. Once we wrote all of our thank you letters I took one card from each design we sent out. I also took the list of all of the gifts we received to use as the background. I wasn’t 100% sure how to place everything, so I began cutting the list up. As I snipped off the corners I carefully placed them on the page. Something about the triangular shaped appealed to me, so I decided to go with it. I layered the triangle cut outs with the cards and envelopes until I liked the way the composition looked.

Once everything was glued down, I took a step back and looked at the page. I really enjoyed the texture and colors, but everything blended in with the cream colored background. I quickly decided the best option was sharpie scribbles. I found a black sharpie, and got to work. Whenever I am unsatisfied with a background, I often find myself adding scribbles. It creates interesting movement and texture, and is a very quick fix. Once I was finished, I stepped back once again, and took it all in. While it’s not my favorite page, I am satisfied with it. Every time I look at it I am reminded of the generosity of our friends and family. However, the end result was a little more severe than I intended. The black background created more of a gloomy feel than I esnyrf, perhaps a silver or gray sharpie would’ve been the best bet.


Create a page that uses cut paper. Pick a few colors, textures, words, a pair of scissors, and start cutting. Try to be random and loose. Layer them in your journal, add them to a picture, put magazine images on top, or leave it abstract. The rest is up to you!

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