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As I said in one of my previous post I often have my students create a page about a low light and a highlight. My low light was my clogged sinks, and this is my highlight! When I moved from Athens to Atlanta I spent months looking for the perfect apartment. You have to do…

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Magazines and More Magazines….

In the beginning of journaling I used A LOT of magazines. I think it is an easy way to get started because it isn’t overwhelming. All you need is a stack of good magazines (I recommend at least one National Geographic) and start ripping out the pictures that are interesting to you. I have always…

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A New Journey

A cheesy title… but it is very true for this period of my life. I began journaling when I started teaching. My former Co-worker did them every Friday with her art classes, and as the new teacher I felt I needed to do the same thing, and I am so glad I did. Since this…

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Beginnings… Endings… And All Things in Between

This is my first visual journal! I am currently working on my third, but I decided to start posting about the beginning of my journaling days and work my way forward. I had heard about visual journals in college, and finally decided to start my own in Spring 2009. If you want to start your…

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Generally I will be focusing on my visual journals. However, since I am behind on photographing them I thought I would start with my traditional work, large mixed media paintings. I like to create images of girls in traditional, fancy dresses set in places where they don’t look like they belong….

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