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Giveaway & Review: Customizable Stamp via Stampanda

stampanda giveaway

With my many craft fairs on the horizon, I had been on the lookout for an affordable stamp company to order a customized stamp from. For two out of the three craft fairs I’m participating in, I have to provide my own display, transaction tools, and packaging. I have been on a long journey to brand myself and appear to be a professional artist crafter (although the majority of the time I am going through trials and errors, running around like a crazy person). To come across as professional, and put together, I wanted my packaging to reflect my brand. I love the look of the brown, recycled bags, and wanted to personalize them with a Sweet Celadon or Whitney Panetta themed stamp. Shortly after my search began, I was contacted by a stamp company, called Stampanda, about reviewing one of their products. It couldn’t have been better timing, and they offered customized options. The deal was sweetened even further when they agreed to pair the review with a giveaway for my readers.

Stampanda is an online website, based out of Florida, that offers a range of stamp products from kitchen themed to bridal. Their website is easy to navigate, and offers beautiful product pictures to tempt you the entire way. They boast high quality products, made by hand, in the USA, at a very speedy rate.

They have a variety of shapes and styles to their stamps. You can find girly swirls and flowers, as well as trendy, and quirky, mustache and bird themes. You can buy stamps for your envelopes, to claim books, thank you cards, save the dates, kitchen tags, and anything else you want to stamp. They also have a wide variety of inks and stamp holders to choose from. You can go more traditional, with the separate ink and wood handled stamp, or go modern with an all in one, self inking stamp.


With every design, you have customizable options. You can choose a design that allows you to edit a single line, to keep it simple, or 3 or more lines, to include more information. I was on the hunt for something a little different. I needed a design that represented my brand, as well as a size that would show up well on a bag. I tried out multiple designs before settling on my little bee.

This design allowed me to add 4 different lines of text, which was perfect. I added my shop name, “Sweet Celadon”, at the top of the circle, and “by Whitney Panetta”, at the bottom of the circle. I really wanted to include my tagline, “perfection is overrated, buy handmade,” but couldn’t find a way to fit it. I eventually decided simply having, “perfection is overrated,” was enough to get my point across. I wasn’t sure what to add to the final line, until my hub suggestion I include our zip code. It was a sneaky way of saying, made in Georgia. It was perfect.


By the time my transaction was complete, and my stamp was in my hand, I decided Stampanda could stand up to all of their claims. My order was processed quickly, and arrived less than a week later. The stamp was very high quality, and exactly what I was hoping for. I am so excited to finally have my own stamp to personalize my bags. This stamp will be put to good use, and will hopefully be used a lot in the coming holiday months.

If you live in the state of Georgia, or Atlanta area, come see my beautiful stamped bags for yourself. The Marist Holiday Traditions art and craft fair is this Saturday, 11/8/14, the Marietta Whimsical Wares is next Wednesday 11/12/14-Sunday 1116/14, and the St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace is Saturday, 11/23.


You could win your own, fully customizable stamp, by following a few steps and commenting below. To enter, visit Stampanda and check out their products, then like their facebook page here. Comment below with the name you liked their facebook page under. To get a second entry, visit my facebook page here, like it, then comment (in a separate comment) below with the name you liked my page under. For a third entry, follow one of my Etsy shops, Whitney Panetta or Sweet Celadon, and comment below (in a separate comment) with a link to your favorite product.

The winner will be randomly selected using the plugin, “And the Winner Is…”, next Friday 11/14/14. The winner will be e-mailed, and will have 24 hours to confirm. Once they confirm, I will send over their coupon code for their free custom stamp. If the winner does not respond in 24 hours, a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

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September Giveaway: Canvas Print via Canvas Champs

IMG_8123 copy


This month I am very excited to offer an amazing giveaway from Canvas Champs at canvaschamp.com. There is nothing better than hanging a personal picture in your home, and I love the look of the ever popular, canvas photo prints. It takes a photograph to the next level, giving it an artistic and high quality look.

When I was contacted by Canvas Camps to review their product I didn’t hesitate. I was thrilled when they also decided to offer a giveaway to one of my lucky readers. Check out details below.

I went through picture after picture trying to decide what to get printed. I could do a photo from Nick and my engagement session, wedding day, honeymoon. I could print a picture of our puppies or chickens. It was a tough choice, but in the end I decided to go with one of my more generic photographs, a picture of pretty, green succulents.


As soon as I snapped the picture I was in love with it. My favorite colors are included, from the shadows to the highlights, and I was very pleased with the composition. It was also taken on a recent trip to San Diego. It was my first time visiting, and it captured a memory of a fun adventure. I sent the picture off, and eagerly awaited its arrival.

A very short week later the package arrived on my doorstep. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came. I opened it up, and was very pleased with the outcome. The print was clear, the colors were perfect, and it was a print from an Iphone photo. The print was printed to the edge, and wrapped, making framing an option rather than a requirement. I also immediately noticed unlike other canvas print shops this print was mounted on a wood panel. This made the print even more sturdy, without the risk of the canvas ever being punctured.


The prints come ready to hang, all you need is a hammer, nail, and a wall. All in all I was very pleased with the ordering process, shipping speed, and product. I will definitely be placing my future photo print orders with Canvas Champs.

To enter to win your own, personalized, 10″x8″ canvas print all you have to do is share this link via Facebook or Twitter and comment below with a link to your share. The winner will be randomly selected using the plugin “And the Winner Is…” next Thursday 9/11/14. The winner will be notified via e-mail, if they do not respond in 24 hours a new winner will be selected. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Etsy Shop Review and Giveaway: Marquesa Atelier (closed)

IMG_7580 copyI’m so excited for this Christmas because it will be my first Christmas with my newest niece, my sister’s daughter, Payton. I cann’t wait to start Christmas shopping for the adorable 5 month old, and I of course began searching Etsy first.

With so many amazing handmade products on Etsy these days, it’s hard to choose what is the best product for you. I always look for shops that provide great pictures, various angles, and a lot of details in the description to give me a better idea of what I am purchasing. This was especially important since I was looking for something for a fast growing newborn.

As I began my hunt for my first gift I decided I wanted to find a pretty winter hat. It truly is amazing how many handmade hat shops exist on Etsy, and I’m pretty sure I grazed through a good chunk of them. As I continued my search for the perfect hat I discovered a wonderful shop, Marquesa Atelier , run by Tatiana out of Europe.

1Her hats came in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. They were proudly displayed upon tiny models’ heads, giving me a good idea of the size and fit. My sister’s current obsession with all things bows, flowers, and headbands for little Payton perfectly fit with Tatiana’s girly designs. As soon as my eyes fell upon the ivory knitted hat with the ivory flower detail, I knew it would be perfect.

I can easily imagine little Payton with her cute hat and winter coat this season. I immediately ordered a 5 month old size. In addition to placing my order, I also contacted Tatiana to see if she would be interested in having me feature her product on my blog in exchange for a giveaway for my readers. I was thrilled when she agreed and offered for the winner to select their favorite item from her shop as their prize. This sweetened the deal for the hat, and I eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

A couple of weeks later the hat found it’s way to my doorstep. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery, considering Tatiana had to make it and ship it from practically the other side of the world. I was even more impressed when I opened the package and found the beautiful crocheted hat inside.

As a one time knitting attempter and failure I am always impressed when other people succeed. Every loop, detail, and pattern was perfectly executed. The hat was symmetrical, tightly woven, and looks like it will be the perfect fit for Payton’s head. I’m impressed with Tatiana’s ability and can’t wait to order more in the future as Payton continues to grow.

Hat giveaway

If you would like to enter to win your own Tatiana original from Marquesa Atelier simply like her shop here, and comment below with the item you would like to win. If you would like to earn two additional entries all you have to do is share this post on Twitter or Facebook and comment below with a link to your post and/or like my shop here and comment below with the name you liked it under. In order to be entered three separate times please make sure you comment below three separate times.


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Paperhouse Production Giveaway: Scrapbook Paper and Stickers (closed)

Paperhouse Product Sticker and Paper Giveaway

This week I have two amazing giveaways to offer! The first is a multi-winner giveaway, one lucky big winner will get a 6″x6″ pack of art inspired scrapbook paper and two packs of hydrangea and leaf stickers. 6 additional winners will receive one strip of hydrangea and one strip of leaf stickers. On Thursday I will post my second giveaway of the week, an adorable tote from Etsy shop: eilquinn.

Scrapbook paper detailPaperhouse Productions is an online shop that specialized in most things paper and some things mangets, stickers, and home decor. Over the summer I was approached by them to try out some of their products, I readily agreed on one condition, they would send me enough items for me to giveaway to my readers. I awaited my box of goodies and was shocked at the size of it when it finally arrived. I opened it to find piles of products, enough for me to try and giveaway to a number of my readers.

I went for the art paper immediatly, flipping through quickly at first, then taking my time, admiring the patterns and designs the second time through. I love the abstract pages, with colors softly bleeding into each other as if watercolor was recently applied to a damp sheet of paper. In addition to these pages are more obviously art inspired pages, with images of paint blobs, messy palettes, and coated paint brushes printed on the pages.

As a collager, scrapbooker, and visual journaler I prefer to use more simply patterned paper in my pages, but I know these image printed pages are perfect for my students. I can imagine them flipping to these pages, instantly inspired by the paint covered paper, cutting it up, and incorporating it into their next visual journal page.

In other words, the vibrance and variety of pages in this paper pack will appeal to a variety of people and tastes.

Next out of the box were the leaf and hydrangea stickers. I picked these patterns because a: I like trees and often use them in my visual journal pages and b: my bridesmaids carried blue hydrangeas in my wedding, and they automatically appealed to me.

I love the realistic quality the stickers have, and the bright colors I was sure were Hydrangea Sticker Detailonly enhanced via photo and web editing. I was very pleased to find they looked just as good in person as they did on my computer screen. I opened my first pack, and peeled off a green leaf sticker and was instantly pleased with this product.

Rather than having a very sticker like white edge around the image, ruining a perfectly pretty leaf, this sticker has a clear edge. This lovely change makes it look even more realistic, and allows you to layer the stickers without having an unattractive white edge distracting you from the overall look. I picture these stickers as your not run of the mill two year old forehead sticker or middle schooler locker stickers. These stickers are meant for more artistic uses, such as scrapbooking and visual journaling. I will be sure to post a picture of my first creation using these amazing products!

Overall I am very pleased with Paperhouse Productions. They have quality products and a very easy to navigate website. In order to enter this giveaway all you have to do is either tweet about this giveaway or share it on facebook and like Paperhouse Productions on facebook here. Comment on this post with a link to your tweet or facebook share. In one week, on Monday 9/9, I will randomly select the winners from the comments using the plugin, And the Winner Is… The first winner selected will receive the scrapbook paper pack and the hydrangea and leaf sticker packs. The next 6 winners will receive one strip of hydrangea and one strip of leaf stickers.

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Review and Giveaway: “Studio City a Mile of Style” by Joann R. Deutch

Recently I was contacted to take a look at a new book, Studio City a Mile of Style-What’s History What’s Gossip” by Joann R. Deutch. As I read through the mountain of information sent over by her publicist, my interest began to grow. I have had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles twice in recent years, and I was looking forward to learning more about this star studded city. I readily agreed to take a look and they also agreed to provide a hardcopy to giveaway to one of my readers! See instructions below on how you can enter to win this fact filled book.

Studio City Book Cover

Their Summary

Author Joann Deutch – a Studio City based lawyer who served on the Chamber of Commerce Board for over 15 years as the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary – tracked down the many untold stories which have left their mark not only on her community, but as well on Hollywood. A riveting and fascinating book that reveals the untold story of a more than often under-exposed, under-valued city and its rich and influential contribution to the film industry.

Deutch throws a bright light into a corner of our film heritage that has been habitually, even sinfully, ignored. In “Studio City A Mile of Style – What’s History What’s Gossip” the whimsical and the unexpected accompany the serious history – like seeing John Wayne riding along Ventura Boulevard in an English saddle, or hitch hiking up Laurel Canyon and getting a lift from John Lennon.

Finally Studio City’s real history and true identity is assembled in one book!  Dozens of never-before seen lithographs, broadsides, archival materials and remembrances throw into relief the astonishing development of the Mile of Style as founded by Mack Sennett (a famous film director/producer in the early 1900s) on old-fashioned Progressive Era ideas –  “If you reach for a goal, you can achieve it.”

When we talk about the film industry we all immediately, mistakenly,  think “Hollywood”, but Studio Cityplays a huge and crucial role in the overall history of said “film industry”; not to mention the making of the film & TV studios. That Hollywood is more an idea and a dream rather than a place these days.
It was and still is Studio City with its backlots and open space that truly constitutes the heart of the film industry. Yet we keep defining that city by the one fact that has become common knowledge: the presence of the CBS/Radford lot, but Studio City is the real “Hollywood”.
This is where Joann Deutch comes in. 
Wanting to understand what drove Studio City residents to be so civically committed to the community and what made her city such a special place in a sea of satellite communities in Los Angeles, she took on the challenge of investigating and uncovering the real story, and breaking some of the word-of-mouth stereotypes attached to its history.   
No one thinks of Studio City as a suburb.  Why? Who would have expected that the phrase in America the Beautiful “ from sea to shining sea” would refer to the Battles fought in the Cahuenga Pass, which bought California into the United States? Who thinks about Cahuenga Pass’ role as a Free State as a part of the balancing act to avoid the Civil War? Who knew that Studio City was a petri dish experiment about the Progressive Movement?
Want to know where Jay Leno started his career? Want to see where the Beatles and Rolling Stones hung out in between gigs?  Want to know where Joni Mitchell and Errol Flynn lived?
This is your invitation to dive into the living dream!
My Summary
I was excited when the hardcopy give away came in the mail and my PDF copy was delivered via e-mail. I quickly loaded the PDF onto my nook and packed my bags to head to the most relaxing place to read, Hilton Head Island.
As I began reading I was surprised to find that Chapter One began with the early Native American settlers, and the closest village to modern day Studio City, the Cahuenga village. Before this point I didn’t realize Joann R. Deutch started her research at the very beginning, I expected her to pick up with the growth of the entertainment industry in the west. It was nice to see she started with the real roots of the town, and it was interesting to read about the Native American’s beliefs and traditions, but I quickly realized this was more like a textbook than a novel.
Perhaps I had the preconceived notion this would read more like a story or a novel because that is the style I typically read. However, I was still surprised when I found a book full of bullet points and short stories rather than a continuous storyline. In addition to the formatting I was also a little put off by the way Deutch chose to organize the information in the book.
Although the book does somewhat follow chronological order, Deutch tends to bounce around from year to year depending on what topic she is covering in her chapter. Each chapter reflects a different aspect of Studio City, for example Chapter 5 covers the early history of the city, Chapter 9 covers the music scene, and Chapter 11 covers areas that are named after people. Within the chapters are short stories or bulleted facts about “Studio City’s Architecture”, “Bits and Pieces of Local History”, or whatever other topic the chapter is focusing on.
As I hit Chapter 13-“Gossip, People, and Colorful History” I read interesting facts, funny stories, and learned information about stars I never knew. As much as I enjoyed all of the information provided, I again was put off by the way it was organized. While the overall book does carry a loose chronological order, it still maintains a somewhat chronological order. However, chapter 13 is instead organized alphabetically by celebrity last name. Each new section within the chapter starts off with the name of the celebrity, followed by bulleted information and paragraph style stories. It took me a minute to figure out why I was reading about a modern day star, then suddenly was transported back to silent film actors.
As I read through the first couple of chapters I enjoyed the information I was learning, but came to the conclusion that this is a better coffee table book than a read-through-novel. I would enjoy digesting this better by flipping through the pages, looking at the amazing pictures, and learning facts from time to time rather than sitting down and committing to reading it cover to cover.
I must give props to Joann Deutch for the amount of time, research, and information that was poured into this book. It is chock-full of interesting images, old lithographs, vintage posters, and snapshots of the amazing architecture, studio lots, and celebrities. I learned so much about this small section of Los Angeles and laughed out loud at stories. One of my favorite sections was a story about early filmmakers being attracted to the area for the close proximity to Mexico as an easy hideout to avoid Thomas Edison Patent Agents.
This book is obviously a labor of love, written by someone who appreciates Studio City for everything it is and has become due to its rich history. This book is perfect for any history, film, or Los Angeles enthusiast. It is a great guide for anyone planning a trip to Los Angeles and a visit to Studio City. The last chapter even hits on interesting places to visit nearby! I hope you pick this book up and add it to your coffee table collection!
To enter this giveaway and get your own hardcopy of Studio City a Mile of Style all you have to do is comment below and either link to the giveaway through your Facebook page or Twitter! Please include a link to your tweet or Facebook share in your comment. One week from now the winner will be randomly selected using the plugin And the winner is…
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