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Collaged magazine image visual journal page

Visual Journal Page 74: Collaged Magazine Images

A visual journal paged created using collaged magazine images. Check out the story that inspired it and how it was created.

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Bleeding tissue paper visual journal page

Journal Page 73: Bleeding Tissue Paper

I created this visual journal page using bleeding tissue paper, but how it was used may surprise you. Read the details in the post.

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Magazine collage plane visual journal page

Visual Journal Page 66: Just a Plane Ride Away

A visual journal page about my best friend moving to LA. Visual journal tips and how tos included, using magazines, splattering paint, more.

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Tape Transfer thunderstorm page

Visual Journal Page 65: Tape Transfer Thunderstorms

A visual journal page about thunderstorms. Created with a tape transfer and collaging techniques, instructions included.

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Leather mask project

Art Lesson: Leather Mask Project

This leather mask project is fun, easy, fairly cheap, and create beautiful results. Read details, supplies, how-to, and more.

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Visual Journal Page 52: Hummingbirds

A visual journal page about a dream I had about hummingbirds and how it came to life the next day.

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