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Visual Journal Page 25: Do What You Love

Dear Skeptical Parents, You need to allow your child to dream. You need to let your child pursue something that will make them happy and feel fulfilled. Success shouldn’t be measured in dollars, it should be measured in how you feel at the end of a work day. You should go home feeling like you…

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Be Careful… Watch the Weights!

Accidents happen… and when you are a teacher you hear about accidents happening all the time. When you are an art teacher accidents happen all the time, everyday, with paint, water, ink, xactos, scissors, etc., etc., etc. Luckily this page doesn’t refer to an accident in my class… but unfortunately it does have to do…

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Life Imitates Art, Live Art

I stumbled across the quote, “life imitates art” one day, and decided to hang onto it. I really liked the quote because I thought it was true. We make so many choices on a daily basis that have to do with art and aesthetics. Every morning I wake up and decide what outfit I’m going…

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My Cardigans Express Who I Am

I’ll be honest… I LOVE cardigans! I wear one practically everyday. In fact I have to remind myself every now and then not to wear a cardigan just to mix things up. I wear cardigans so often one of my students once asked me to go home, count them, and tell her how many I…

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