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Giveaway & Review: Customizable Stamp via Stampanda

stampanda giveaway

With my many craft fairs on the horizon, I had been on the lookout for an affordable stamp company to order a customized stamp from. For two out of the three craft fairs I’m participating in, I have to provide my own display, transaction tools, and packaging. I have been on a long journey to brand myself and appear to be a professional artist crafter (although the majority of the time I am going through trials and errors, running around like a crazy person). To come across as professional, and put together, I wanted my packaging to reflect my brand. I love the look of the brown, recycled bags, and wanted to personalize them with a Sweet Celadon or Whitney Panetta themed stamp. Shortly after my search began, I was contacted by a stamp company, called Stampanda, about reviewing one of their products. It couldn’t have been better timing, and they offered customized options. The deal was sweetened even further when they agreed to pair the review with a giveaway for my readers.

Stampanda is an online website, based out of Florida, that offers a range of stamp products from kitchen themed to bridal. Their website is easy to navigate, and offers beautiful product pictures to tempt you the entire way. They boast high quality products, made by hand, in the USA, at a very speedy rate.

They have a variety of shapes and styles to their stamps. You can find girly swirls and flowers, as well as trendy, and quirky, mustache and bird themes. You can buy stamps for your envelopes, to claim books, thank you cards, save the dates, kitchen tags, and anything else you want to stamp. They also have a wide variety of inks and stamp holders to choose from. You can go more traditional, with the separate ink and wood handled stamp, or go modern with an all in one, self inking stamp.


With every design, you have customizable options. You can choose a design that allows you to edit a single line, to keep it simple, or 3 or more lines, to include more information. I was on the hunt for something a little different. I needed a design that represented my brand, as well as a size that would show up well on a bag. I tried out multiple designs before settling on my little bee.

This design allowed me to add 4 different lines of text, which was perfect. I added my shop name, “Sweet Celadon”, at the top of the circle, and “by Whitney Panetta”, at the bottom of the circle. I really wanted to include my tagline, “perfection is overrated, buy handmade,” but couldn’t find a way to fit it. I eventually decided simply having, “perfection is overrated,” was enough to get my point across. I wasn’t sure what to add to the final line, until my hub suggestion I include our zip code. It was a sneaky way of saying, made in Georgia. It was perfect.


By the time my transaction was complete, and my stamp was in my hand, I decided Stampanda could stand up to all of their claims. My order was processed quickly, and arrived less than a week later. The stamp was very high quality, and exactly what I was hoping for. I am so excited to finally have my own stamp to personalize my bags. This stamp will be put to good use, and will hopefully be used a lot in the coming holiday months.

If you live in the state of Georgia, or Atlanta area, come see my beautiful stamped bags for yourself. The Marist Holiday Traditions art and craft fair is this Saturday, 11/8/14, the Marietta Whimsical Wares is next Wednesday 11/12/14-Sunday 1116/14, and the St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace is Saturday, 11/23.


You could win your own, fully customizable stamp, by following a few steps and commenting below. To enter, visit Stampanda and check out their products, then like their facebook page here. Comment below with the name you liked their facebook page under. To get a second entry, visit my facebook page here, like it, then comment (in a separate comment) below with the name you liked my page under. For a third entry, follow one of my Etsy shops, Whitney Panetta or Sweet Celadon, and comment below (in a separate comment) with a link to your favorite product.

The winner will be randomly selected using the plugin, “And the Winner Is…”, next Friday 11/14/14. The winner will be e-mailed, and will have 24 hours to confirm. Once they confirm, I will send over their coupon code for their free custom stamp. If the winner does not respond in 24 hours, a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

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March and April Giveaway: Fused Glass Plate and Spoon Rest (closed)

Fused Glass- Small Bowl Shots

Fused Glass-Spoon Rest Shots

Thank you to everyone for participating in this month’s giveaway! I am waiting to confirm with the winners, if they don’t confirm in the next 24 hours, new ones will be selected. Keep checking back for my May giveaway in the next few weeks!

This month’s giveaway covers the months of March and April, which means you have two chances to win! The first giveaway this month is a small fused glass blue, yellow and gray plate. The small size makes this piece very versatile, it could be a cute decorative addition to a side table, a way to spruce up a candle, or a shallow dish for dips and candy! The second prize is a blue and gray asymmetrical bowl. This piece could serve as a spoon rest, candy dish, or decorative addition to your house.

Both of these prizes were personally made by me. I recently discovered how to fuse glass, and I am falling in love with the process. Every piece I personally pick out colors, plan the design, cut the glass to size, fuse the pieces together, and slump them in my kiln. I have also recently added a glassware section to my Etsy shop in hopes that I can fund my new love with glass sales!

To enter this competition all you have to do is complete three easy steps. You are only eligible to win one item, two winners will be selected.

1. Visit my Etsy shop here and like my shop or your favorite item!

2. Like my Facebook page here

3. Comment on this post with which piece you would like to win and what you liked on my shop (I can’t guarantee you will get your first choice, the first person drawn will get their first choice)

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February Giveaway: And the Winner is….

Encaustic- S Letter

Congratulations to Cassandra for winning this month’s giveaway!! Her pastel pink letter S painting will be mailed out this week! If you fell in love with my letter paintings check them out on my Etsy shop here, they are listed for a bargain price of $15.00 each. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s giveaway, check back at the end of every month for more giveaway opportunities, and as always thanks for stopping by!



January Giveaway: Paperwallet Review and Giveaway!

Paper Wallet Giveaway 1

I am very excited to announcement my first ever giveaway! I was recently asked to review a company called Paperwallets, and yes, they make wallets out of paper. After I agreed to take a look at their company they mailed me two wallets, one for me to keep, try out, and review, and one to giveaway to one of my lucky readers! If you would like to enter into the drawing for this art inspired wallet all you have to do is comment below! I will randomly select the winner from the pool of commenters (using the plugin “And the Winner Is”) this Saturday, and will announce the winner the same day. I will keep my fingers crossed for each one of you!


Series_4 (Large)

About Paperwallets by Paperwallets: “Exposing artists all over again in new incredible ways is exactly what Paperwallet is all about, we keeps things fresh by collaborating with emerging and established artists from all around the world.”

Cardholder_s1 (Large)

“We are working with big name and new name artists, Paperwallet will give anybody a chance. Paperwallet crowd-sources designs from artists who submit their work to Paperwallet’s Facebook page. Designs are carefully selected by the art team and the votes on social media sites to be part of the next Limited Edition Artist Series. Paperwalletis the new ‘artist tee’ and the new way for artists to get their names and their work out there.” 

Life Style 1

“This month Paperwallet released the brand new Art SERIES FOUR and Card Holder SERIES ONE just in time for the holidays.  Already being picked up galleries, boutiques and high-end street fashion shops, you can findPaperwallet at an elite list of stores in Paris, Tokyo, LA and New York.”

About Paperwallets by Me: I love the concept of taking a work of art and transforming it into a product people can use. As an artist I am all about finding new ways to support the arts, and I think Paperwallets is a great company to look into. When I was first approached about writing a review I was slightly skeptical, always weary of crossing paths with yet another spammer. However, as soon as I looked at their website I knew they were legit. I spent a good chunk of time exploring their site, reading about their featured artists, and I became even more impressed when I realized they accept submissions for future wallet designs. Just the possibility of having my work of art on such an accessible product gets my creative juices flowing.

I excitedly accepted the offer to write about the company, and immanently awaited the arrival of my new wallet. One afternoon Nick walked in the door with the typical pile of junk and bills, but resting on top was a package, with my name on it. I ripped it open and found two boxes. I loved the design of both wallets. I continuously flipped them in my hands, paying attention to every detail.

PRO #1: The designs are so cool! They are created by artists and they look like it. They have a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. I think everyone, frat guy to hipster to white collared worker can find a design that fits their taste. The fact that they accept submissions for new designs means they are continuously expanding their design collection. I will be going back to check out new designs. In the near future they will also be releasing clutches, which I can’t wait to see.

After finally having my new wallet in my hands, I couldn’t wait to test it out. My current wallet was quickly emptied, the contents were spread out, and I assessed the situation.

CON #1: There isn’t a ton of space in a Paperwallet. The wallet has your typical opening to hold money, plus  two card holders, one on each side, and a space behind the card holder where additional cards can be placed. This isn’t much compared to my former clutch style Hobo wallet. I attempted to place a couple of credit cards behind the card pockets, but quickly discovered it was a great way to loose a credit card. A lot of time when I pulled out my wallet, the cards would slip out, one very honest gentleman pointed them out on the ground the first time it happened. After this I decided to double up the cards in the card pockets, which fits nice and snug, but limits the number of cards I carry.

For two weeks I have used and abused this wallet. The first week I carried it in my purse, but was disappointed with the small amount of damage that showed from this. I decided in order to convince my readers I actually used it, it needed to show some type of wear and tear, and I decided to keep it in my back pocket for a week. My wallet wore through hours of sitting, a rainstorm, and bleeding dye from my very wet, new blue jeans.

PRO #2: Because it is made of a paper like material it is a very slim wallet. I am a girl, I don’t want a bulky wallet sticking out of my back pocket, making my rear end look lopsided. But when I stuck this wallet back there I almost immediately forgot about it. For a week I sat on this wallet everyday during work, on my commute home, and everywhere in between. I was impressed how little I noticed it.

CON #2: It is made of paper like material, tyvek. While it’s not actually paper, it is made from tiny plastic fibers spun together, this is not a wallet that will last forever. At the rate I abused my wallet I would expect it to last 6 months or so. If I kept it safely tucked in my purse, I could maybe get a year-year and a half out of it.

PRO #3: It is tough for a wallet that is so thin and seemingly made from paper. Because it is made from tyvek, the plastic fibers allow it to be more felxible, almost like a thicker dollar bill. It is difficult to tear, I tried it, and it stretched without ripping. I think it would take a long time and a good bit of abuse to rip it, however I think holes in the corners are inevitable.

CON #4: It’s $20 for a wallet that won’t last longer than a year or so… something my husband pointed out a few times.

PRO #4: It’s only $20. These days it’s difficult to find a cheap wallet, and for a mere $20 you can get a very unique art inspired wallet.

PRO #5: It’s green and you are supporting the arts. It’s made from recycled materials, you can recycle it when you are ready to replace it, and you are helping a starving artist continue with their quest to fulfill their creative desires. It doesn’t get much better than that. As a side note the company will give you 15% off if you send in your old, worn out wallet for a new one!


Paper Wallet Before

Paper Wallet After

Overall I am impressed with their product and very interested in the clutches they have in the works. I would be willing to shell out $20 to get another Paperwallet, and I will definitely keep up with their new designs on their site. I wouldn’t mind switching my wallet out every year if it means having a new mini work of art I can carry around on a daily basis. Here is a link to their site if you are interesting in perusing their designs or submitting your own design! Click here to peruse.


Here are images of the amazing wallet I get to giveaway to one lucky reader! No charge, no shipping, completely and totally free! All you have to do it comment on this post and you are entered to win. The winner will be announced this Saturday!

Paper Wallet Giveaway

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