Someone Else’s Story, Someone Else’s Adventure, Someone Else’s Problems

Books are my escape. I start reading and everything starts to crumble away, to be briefly replaced by mystery, adventure, love stories, magic, history, or whatever exciting adventures I am reading about. I get sucked in, and for a moment I can forget about everything else.

I have to admit I am a routiner, I like to do things in a certain order and a certain way, and books are part of that routine. Every night after brushing my teeth, washing my face, and picking out my outfit, I curl up in bed with a good book. It eases my mind. I sleep better because instead of falling asleep thinking about the day, what is happening tomorrow, and three weeks from now, I’m thinking about someone else’s story, someone else’s adventure, someone else’s problems.

To me this image looks like the perfect place to read a book, it’s the perfect place on a perfect day. I bet it’s 74 degrees with a light breeze. I bet the grassy is soft and never makes you itchy. I bet she was able to read at least 4 chapters without being interrupted or getting sleepy. When I start reading this is where I go.

I made this page… surprise, surprise… with magazines! I found the image of the girl while flipping through a magazine and it inspired the page. I found images of sky, ripped them up and glued them down for the background. I added ripped up images of grass on top, and added ripped up pieces of book pages to make it more interesting. Sometimes you don’t need words to complete or explain a page, which was the case with this one.


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