Watercolor Painting Landscapes, Visual Art for 8th Grade or High School Art



This is an in-depth look at how to use watercolors to create a painting of a landscape. Through this lesson students learn various watercolor techniques and how to apply them to painting a landscape. 
Not only will students learn an important art making technique, but they will also be encouraged to do it in a personal way by selecting an image of a landscape they have a personal connection to. 
This project can be simplified for middle school age students or taught to high school students. 
➢Introduction PowerPoint with:
✳Artist exemplar
✳Project info
✳Basic watercolor techniques
✳Landscape painting techniques
➢Lesson plan with
✳Project info
✳Grading info
✳Homework/sketchbook assignment
✳Check lis
✳Critique sheet
✳National standards
✳Watercolor techniques posters 
✳Poster of landscape painting techniques
I include PowerPoint, Word docx, and PDFs of all my resources in one convenient zip file. 
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