Digital Design, Graphic Design Campaign Poster Project: Middle, High School Art



Check out a preview of this graphic design project here: Campaign Poster Preview Pack.

This campaign poster project tasks middle or high school art or history students with designing a campaign poster using the free program, Canva. In an Introduction to Design course, learning program basics is an essential part. Adding a personalized theme by allowing students to focus on issues important to them will help encourage buy-in.

This lesson plan pack is extremely comprehensive. Even if you have zero experience with Canva, you can learn along with the students with the resources included.

Canva is a free, subscription-free online program that can be used on a standard computer, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad. This is a very easy way to incorporate design into any art room. Pixlr is also incorporated into the project, this is also a free, online program.

All in all this pack has:

  • Lesson Plan (with big idea, national standards, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, and more)
  • 2 PowerPoints
  • Campaign poster research sheet
  • Canva basics info sheet
  • Poster information sheet
  • Canva how-tos specific to the project
  • Pixlr how-tos specific to the project
  • Project checklist
  • Critique reflection sheet
  • Rubric

The design field is ever-growing. Introduce students to the variety of creative careers they can pursue through design classes.

In addition, this could be an easy project to implement if students are working from home. Handouts can be e-mailed or sent home with students and step-by-step instructions are already done, easy for homeschoolers or virtual learners! This is a perfect intro to learning about design-based careers such as graphic design.

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