Plaid, Flannel, and Blue Sweaters

It’s funny how an image can take you back in time, memories you haven’t thought of in years come flooding back. I was flipping through a J. Crew one day, half looking for visual journal images, half looking for clothes I couldn’t afford to buy, when I turned to this… a pile of plaid button downs. For a minute I just stared… it was him.. it was Grandaddy wrapped up in that pile.

My Grandaddy was one of those Grandaddys that snuck you chocolate, measured how much you grew on the inside of a closet wall, said “hotdog” when he was excited, took me fishing, and was always equipped with a long sleeve flannel button down, sweater, sneakers, and a hat… even in the middle of August. I loved my Grandaddy, and I miss him. He passed away while I was in college, and I am comforted knowing that he had a long, full life, although I still miss him… He showed me how to tell whether or not it was raining in the distance based on the way the clouds look… he taught me why clouds turn colors at sunset… Clouds remind me of him too…

Memories are an amazing thing. They give us the ability to return to a time, a place, with a person who is no longer there. I often think of my Grandaddy, and it’s like he is right there with me. He had a strong impact on my childhood, he taught me values, how to save money, how to catch a flounder. He did things Grandaddys are supposed to do. I will never forget my Grandaddy, I tell stories about him to my husband, students, and I will tell stories to my kids, and now I will tell about him through this page… Whenever I see plaid, flannel I think of you… and blue sweaters too… miss you…

I created this with magazines and ripped up book pages. I think it helps to layer pieces of book pages in the background to make it a little more interesting. I added the words with sharpie.


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