My Cardigans Express Who I Am

I’ll be honest… I LOVE cardigans! I wear one practically everyday. In fact I have to remind myself every now and then not to wear a cardigan just to mix things up. I wear cardigans so often one of my students once asked me to go home, count them, and tell her how many I actually owned… I have forgotten the exact number (most likely out of embarrassment rather than time) but it was in the ball park of 30 or so…

There is something about the way layered tops look that appeal to me, plus cardigans keep you warm and I can be a cold natured person. Cardigans can turn a tank top into a “school appropriate” outfit (I’m 25 and still have to make sure I meet dress code, only now as a teacher), they can fancy up a boring shirt, and simply make an outfit look more interesting and put together. Cardigans have personality. They come in so many different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, lengths, how could they not have personality? Not only do they have their own personality, but they can show your personality based on which one you choose to wear on which day… And my cardigans really do express who I am.

A good page doesn’t always have to take time. Sometimes you want to say something and only need a simple image to get the point across. The thing you have to remember about visual journals are that they aren’t just for practicing techniques, trying out ideas, and experimenting (although they are good for that too), they are also meant for JOURNALING! This means that every page should have a purpose, a connection to you and your life. Not every page has to be deep, this page was very lighthearted, the important thing is that it expresses you. It only took two glued down magazine images and sharpie to complete this page. I jazzed it up a little by ripping the edge of one of the images and spacing it out to create a more integrated space to write my words.


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