Life Imitates Art, Live Art

I stumbled across the quote, “life imitates art” one day, and decided to hang onto it. I really liked the quote because I thought it was true. We make so many choices on a daily basis that have to do with art and aesthetics. Every morning I wake up and decide what outfit I’m going to wear that day, which shoes will go best, how to style my hair. Everyone one of those choices has to do with my taste, what I think looks good together, what I think is beautiful… a.k.a aesthetics. Even those who claim they don’t care what they wear and just threw something on, are still making a conscience choice. Something that day made them choose that specific shirt, in that specific color.

Once I started on the aesthetics and how art really does imitate life train of thought I realized that we live art everyday. Life isn’t just imitating art… life is art. In addition to choosing what we wear we are also considering what to foods to eat, what to watch on t.v., what to buy at the store, what book to read, etc., etc., etc. So many of these choices are based on our personal aesthetic. Maybe I just have an art brain, but I often consider what foods go together based on how they look. Last night I added parsley to my rice just because I thought it made it look nicer. There are many shows I watch on T.V. not just because they are entertaining but because they have interesting visuals, beautiful scenery… and a beautiful person or two. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen add cream to their coffee until it turns a specific shade of brown. Nowadays we are bombarded with advertisements, everywhere we turn we run into another commercial, radio ad, billboard, flyer. Every single ad you see is trying to appeal to your aesthetic so you will buy their product.

The definition of art has become hazy. I always start off my Introduction to Art classes with a discussion in aesthetics and the definition of art, and I promise you, no two persons’ definition is ever the same. Maybe not every instance in life deals with “fine art” and “high art”, but many of our daily choices are based in art. If you aren’t an “artsy” person, rest assured that you do in fact live in art every day.

In addition to using magazines as a way to find images, I also keep my eyes peeled for good quotes and words. I found the quote, “life imitates art” and “live” word on separate occasions, and one day decided they needed to go together. I wanted the “live art” page to be bright and colorful, so I searched around for images of artwork layered in the background. I found as many “art” words as I could and glued them on top of the background, under the word “live”. In contrast to the bright page I wanted the “life imitates art” page to be simple. I cut out the quote, and glued it on top of black ripped up magazines, which is layered on white, ripped up printer paper. I added sharpie scribbles around the black and white pages to create even more contrast.

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