If I Could Spend the Day With Anyone… I Would Spend it With You

Nick and I have been very happily married for a year and a half, and happily together for over six years. He is my support, best friend, go to person, I could tell him anything, and do anything with him without thinking twice. At the time I made this page we had been together for around four years, and I felt the same way then, to be honest I was convinced that we were going to be together forever just a few months after we started dating.

“If I could spend the day with anyone I would spend it with you”. Two and half years after I made this page  I 100% still feel this way, and I am 100% sure I will still feel this way 70 or so years down the road. I know that I have found my soul mate and I can’t wait to see what our lives will bring next.

I found the magazine image before I had the page figured out. I knew that I wanted to create a page for Nick, so when I stumbled across the tree branch image I knew it would be perfect. When I found the “love” word I had my page almost figured out. At first when I tried arranging the page I felt like the “love” was too overpowering, and couldn’t decide how to incorporate it. Suddenly, I had a stroke of genius… incorporate it into two separate quotes. “Love you” is very sentimental to us and it worked perfectly with the other quote. I added ripped up book pages around the tree branch and words to make the background a little more interesting, and as usual I wrote the words with sharpie.


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