As I said in one of my previous post I often have my students create a page about a low light and a highlight. My low light was my clogged sinks, and this is my highlight! When I moved from Athens to Atlanta I spent months looking for the perfect apartment. You have to do a lot of research to make sure you find a good deal, in a good area, and a good size. Things get even more complicated when you have 40 and 75 pound dogs. As I was desperately searching craigslist for the thousandth time a new apartment popped up. It was a duplex in Candler Park, with the top part of the house available.

The house was beautiful. It was owned and renovated by an architect, who filled it with with character and interesting design. Every piece had a purpose to the overall architecture. It retained its early 1900’s charm while having updated amenities. I signed a lease on site, and moved in that weekend. I loved that apartment, and the best part was the front porch.

The house was perched on top of a hill on Sutherland Terrance, a whimsical name to match the whimsical house. When you sat on the porch you felt like you were in a tree house. Cool breezes always found the perfect nooks and crannies, and the sounds of the neighborhood lofted up as you sat and relaxed, watching everything happen below. That porch was my highlight. Coming home after a long day of work the porch beckoned me to sit, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine. Those crisp fall days and warm spring days I would spend my afternoons curled in a rocking chair reading. I loved spending days into afternoons into evenings hanging out with Nick and Katie. I miss that porch.

Unfortunately I was only able to enjoy that porch for ten months. Nick and I got engaged and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase a house in a buyers market. As much as I love my new house, and as much as I love the fact that it is mine, I miss that porch. One day I will have a porch like that again.

The majority of this page was created using magazines. I had the idea of reconstructing the porch before I found the magazines, which can sometimes turn into a frustrating process if you can’t find what you are looking for. I kept my eyes peeled for wood floors, to create the base, railings, trees, and chairs. I liked the idea of making it look like a patchwork image. To do that I ripped up different wood grains and pieced them together. I didn’t care when I found different railing styles because it added to the character of the image. To fill in the empty space I wrote words that reminded me of what it felt like to sit on the porch. I highlighted certain words with sharpie and added a faint pattern with colored pencil.

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