Handmade Ceramics: Antique Inspired, Stamped Plates


While putting together a new set of handmade ceramic pieces for the lovely shop, Crafted Westside, I decided to try out some new techniques.

I stumbled upon a number of interesting stamps at a local shop, and thought it could be a quick, easy way to add detail to my pottery pieces. I tested the technique out on a set of mugs, and loved the result. Check out the blog post here.

After a successful set of mugs, I decided plates would be a good direction to go. I started by throwing four plates on the pottery wheel. After trimming and finishing them it was time to add the stamps. I pressed the stamp into a thin slab of clay, then took the slab and scored and slipped it to the plate.

Stamped Typewriter


I allowed the plates to completely dry out, then bisque fired them. When it came time to glaze I decided to keep it simple and clean. I used dark brown underglaze to emphasize the stamp, and used a pop of color on the bottom side of the plate.

Antique Stamped Car


I loved the simple, clean look of the front, with the sudden surprise of color on the bottom.

Stamped Chair


Stamped Teapot


I was very pleased with the result and can’t wait to use this technique on other ceramic forms.


Thanks for taking the tim to check out my new products! If you live in the Atlanta, GA area see them in person at Crafted Westside. Help me spread the word about my blog by sharing with others, I couldn’t do it without you! Thanks for stopping by.


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