Guest Post: Taste of Sky

This post send by Skippy Fly

I am a writer an an artist, my art journal gives me the chance to actively combine the two. The page above was inspired by a poem I wrote with the same title. \\\”I often wonder if those below, Will ever miss the taste of sky.\\\” The entire poem is found on my writing blog HERE Being someone with absolutely 0 income I often feel like my journal pages are inferior to others that I have seen.

The materials I used are really simple; I used a #h4 drawing pencil, crayons, An orange marker, and a normal black pen.

I started off drawing the lips and tongue Then filled in the teeth. When it was to my liking I inked it so I could move on. after that I drew the moon and clouds on the tongue. It took me a couple minutes to decide on which type of stars I would like to use. When it all looked good I colored it all in using crayons. I used the orange marker for the stars so they would stand out a little more. The vines were last, I drew the basic squiggly line ad added in the detail with crayon.

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