Guest Post: How Can Labeley Bring Out the Artist in You?

People have been expressing themselves ever since the dawn of humanity. From the first guttural sounds, songs, dances and sign language, to paintings on caves, people always had the need to express their inner selves and connect with others through some sort of art.

It’s true that not everyone can be a great artist that will be remembered for centuries. But with some creativity, passion and wonderful tech tools that are getting more advanced and easier to use each day, many people can enjoy the process of creation and feel pride in their artwork.

One such tool that can bring the artist in you is Labeley. This free online app is officially a label maker, but you can create all sorts of designs using its free shape templates, graphics, background patterns and text options. It also has an “upload” feature, which means that you can upload any image you want from your computer to make your design unique.

Here’s a short tutorial that will prepare you for getting started with Labeley.

Go to the tool and click on the Start Designing button. You’ll see four category options: General, Kids, Wine, Beer. Though the design elements are currently grouped into these particular categories, you can use them to create any other type of label, note, and more.

Let’s go with wine labels, simply because the graphics for that category are quite pretty. On the left you’ll see a range of shapes, so choose

Then go to Borders and Backgrounds to choose additional design elements. Note that you can choose any color you want for your background.


The next step is to include the  main graphic. You can do that either by clicking on the Upload option and uploading an image from your computer, or you can click on the Graphic tab and choose from Labeley’s illustrations. Let’s take a look at some of the offer:


You can add as many illustrations as you want on your label.

Finally, write out the text. It can be funny, romantic, or simply practical. First click on the Text option, then on the Create Text that will appear as a green button, and then choose your desired font and write out your words in the “Enter text here” field.


You can play with text options – reposition and resize your words, change their color, change the font, make them bold or italic, etc.

When you’re happy with your artwork, just save the design in Labeley, or if you don’t want to create an account, simply make a screenshot of it and save it as PNG file on your computer.


You can print out your labels, share them on social media, send them to your special someone as an attachment via email or phone…

You can also enter Labeley’s summer giveaway for a chance to win 30 professionally printed labels that you created yourself using Labeley. Just go to their Facebook page here, and follow the easy instructions:

Good luck!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest guest post from Labeley. Help spread the word by sharing on your social network site of choice. Don’t forget to enter their giveaway to win your own labels! Thanks for stopping by!


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