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If you are interested in having your visual journal pages or collages posted please fill out the form here! Please include an image, the story behind it, how it was made, and the supplies you used!

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  1. Thank you for posting your tape sculpture lesson! I did these with 8th graders two years ago & they turned out so good … thought I’d share the pics! I loved how you introduced different artists to explain the process & what to look for, etc. Great job! Do you happen to have your powerpoint you used for class? I am working on this lesson again for this year but putting a twist on it. We have a huge Veterans Day program with Veterans coming to our school … thinking about making tape people to be on the sides of the hall & on stage that represent a “parade” waving flags, etc. (Spectators) & then also Military men representing each branch!! I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with!! Thanks again!

    (it won’t let me paste my example pics here … but they’ll be on my website soon w/ my lesson plans!!!) If you find your powerpoint, please email. I would love to see it!! thanks again!!

    1. Julie,

      Thanks for reaching out! I love this project too, it’s such a fun and easy way to teach kiddos about installation art. I love your idea for Veteran’s Day! We have a huge Veteran’s Day celebration at my school every year, you certainly are getting me thinking about a potential art collaboration in future years! I actually just added my tape person lesson plan to Teachers Pay Teachers here. I will also e-mail you directly! I leaving hearing from fellow art teachers.


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