Encaustic Alphabet Painting: 6″x6″ ABC’s



Over the last year I have been dabbling in creating encaustic letter collages. I love the idea of people hanging their initials, family members and pets included of course, in their homes. It is an easy way to hang a personalized work of art.


After I began making my letters I decided to start with the most common, a’s, b’s, c’s, s’s, and t’s. I tried to predict what letters would most commonly be sold. What I quickly realized is I can’t predict the name of the buyers who visit my shop. I finally gave in, and put in a large order of wood panels.

I decided it was finally time to create a complete alphabet. After I got started I realized how much space these small 6″x6″ panels took up. The best way to store them for purchase was to hang them on my wall. I was instantly in love. It was a fun, artsy, and educational addition to my office/studio space.


I have decided that every time a letter sells I will replace it. It will be a great way to encourage me to create different styles of letters without the risk of creating too many and not selling them. Before they sell I scan each completed work of art into my computer and make prints of them. This has given me an opportunity to sell my letter paintings for cheaper, and to keep a log of past styles and letters.

Check out my new custom alphabet listing here and my individual letters here. Thanks for checking out my shop and blog! Help me spread the word by sharing with others, I couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for stopping by!


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