One Fall, as usual, my annual allergies started up and I was puffed up, stopped up, sneezing, and running all over the place. The only difference between this year and every other year before was that my allergies lasted through the winter and straight into my Spring allergies. I finally gave in a went to be tested. They pricked various allergens into my back to see what would happen… Shortly after I was injected with who knows what my back turned into one big, red, itchy lump, it was not a pretty sight. It was a sad day because 1: I was red and itchy all over 2: I found out I was allergic to everything except mold and 3: One of the things I am allergic to is dogs. If you know anything about me you know that my dogs are my babies. I have survived since the terrible news, but the puppies are no longer allowed in the bed (except weekend mornings or when Nick isn’t around). After the fact I ran across a page in a magazine about pet dander and decided to incorporate it into my journal. I always planned on adding pictures of my pups over the magazine ones… but it just never happened and I moved on.

I used magazines, sharpies, colored pencil, and gesso in this page. Gesso is an amazing art material to have around! You can paint it on anything then paint on top of it (it is a base that paint can stick to). You can also water it down and create interesting effects. I highly recommend getting a small container of it and playing around with it. I use it in a lot of my pages.

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