Craft Project: Watch and Bracelet Holder

I recently made a headband holder to help organize the tangled mass of headbands in my closet. Once it was complete, and on display, I had the brilliant idea to apply the same design, on a smaller scale, to make a watch and bracelet holder.

This one matches my headband holder, and will soon hang beneath it in my closet. After this was complete I was on a roll, and kept making them. I played with a vertical design and standing holder, as well as different fabric and ribbon patterns. The following are images of two different watch and bracelet holder styles. I’m looking forward to making more, and more versions of my original headband holder design.

I love the pattern of this fabric, and the contrast between the bright blue ribbon and the soft brown color of the fabric.

As a UGA graduate (twice) I had to make a red and black themed one. This one is slightly smaller and vertical, which makes it more space efficient.

If you are interested in finding out how these are made check out my headband holder how to here. If you love my watch/bracelet holder and headband holders, but don’t feel like making it yourself, check them out on my Etsy shop here!

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