Craft Project: Baby Announcement, Handmade Cards

I recently decided to add to my Etsy shop and try my hand at designing handmade cards such as greeting cards, announcements, and invitations. I started by making Nick and my Christmas card this year (I will post about that soon) and loved the process.

I wanted to offer a variety of styles so I scanned the images in as I went through the steps. The options are plain, plain scribble, semi-transparent, and semi-transparent scribble.

To create the plain version I ripped and layered old book pages on a white sheet of paper. I then put the paper in the printer, and printed her name repeated on top. Next, I printed the picture of baby Rylie, and centered it on top. I scanned the finished product into my computer and sent it to a printing company to print.

For this version I followed the same steps as the other one, but before scanning it in I used colored pencils to scribble around the edge. I carefully matched the color so it looks as though the image is breaking out of the standard rectangular shape.

For this version I created the background the same way, but rather than just glue the picture on top, I did a Mod Podge transfer to create a semi-transparent effect.

To do this you have to print an image on a laser printer in order to get enough ink to do a proper transfer. Take the printed image and paint a layer of Mod Podge on top (you can find this at your local arts and crafts store) and let it dry. Paint another layer and let it dry. Paint one more layer, and while it’s still wet, place the image face down on the background, again let it dry. Once dry wet the back with water and carefully rub the paper off. The end result should be the ink from the image stuck to the background, with no white paper left on top.

Once everything was dry I scanned the image into my computer.

For the final version I followed the same steps as the semi-transparent one, but added colored pencil scribbles before I scanned it in.

Finally, to create the back I used the book page collaged and printed background and layered scrapbook paper and book pages on top to create a space to add words.

This is a great way to save money and make a personalized card! If you love the look, but don’t want to make it yourself, I would love to do it for you! You can pay for the full print job, or simply pay for a copy of the design. Check out my Etsy shop to see my other designs! Click here to indulge your artsy cravings…

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