I’m not so much a cake, cheesecake, rich dessert type person. However, I love cookies! I have spent a long time perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe… and I won’t lie… I am proud of them. Cookies are so much better than cake in many ways. You can easily transport them, they don’t require silverware, and when you make them you end up with 40 something cookies, rather than just one cake. I wanted to keep some of my pages more lighthearted, especially following my superhero page. If you only focus on the bad things then looking back on your journal won’t be the best experience. You need to strike a balance, you need to be able to show multiple sides of you and the going ons in your life, good and bad.

This page is mostly made from paper. I cut squares of blue construction paper and glued them down, slightly spaced, in the background. I then took gesso and painted it in between the pieces of construction paper to create a tile look. I then watered down gesso and splattered it to make it look like milk. For the cookies I cut ovals out of white paper, and water colored them using browns and yellows. I cut the chips out of brown and black paper and glued them on top. I typically add the words with sharpie.

Tip: If you are using wet material (like gesso, watercolors, bleeding tissue paper, etc.) I have found that it works best to cut pages out of your book, create the pages, then glue them on top of a page still attached to the binding. This will prevent you from ending up with wiggly, warped pages.

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