Beginnings… Endings… And All Things in Between

This is my first visual journal! I am currently working on my third, but I decided to start posting about the beginning of my journaling days and work my way forward. I had heard about visual journals in college, and finally decided to start my own in Spring 2009. If you want to start your own it is very easy, just find an old hardback book you aren’t attached to, a stack of magazines, scissors, some glue, and you are good to go!

I like to work in my journal for a little while before I make the cover, but if you are the antsy type you can do it first! When I start a cover I first decide what images can sum up my life at the time (I think this is important because your journal should be a reflection of you and the goings on of your life). For my first journal I was in the middle of a creative flow with my mixed media girl paintings. To represent this section of my life I chose to repeat easels to create an interesting shape. Because I was painting so much I decided to print out paint names I typically use to repeat in the background. I was also about to make a big move from Athens to Atlanta, so I decided to include the Atlanta skyline.

To create the cover I take a large white sheet of paper and wrap it around the existing cover. I then fold it, so I know where to cut, and cut the extras off. Don’t cut the “flaps” off, these will hold the cover onto your book. For every cover I have made I chose to rip up paper for the background. For this book I used the printed paint names, randomly ripped them, then glued them to the white sheet. For the snowflake shapes I cut out an easel shape from poster board, and traced it to repeat it. I then scribble the skyline using sharpie, then painted the areas around the easels with watercolor. In my last two books I have added a title, for this one I did not, but I call this book “Beginnings… Endings… And All Things in Between” because that is what this book truly reflects. I was moving to Atlanta, starting my first real job, paying for all of my own bills, and growing up in general. I will try to post a page a day of the inside, feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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