Adorable Website + Discount Giveaway: Style Outside the Box (closed)


Recently I was contacted by Marketing Manager, Emily Horn, regarding a new online shop, Style Outside the Box. As an independent blogger, artist, and avid shopper I am always intrigued by up and coming shops, especially those that support local art and crafters like me. As I read through the e-mail one line caught my eye: “We are an exclusive site whom work with and promote independent designers from around the world”, I immediately searched their site to take a look.

Style Outside the Box is exactly what she described, an online shop that offers a variety of products from small start ups and independent designers, like myself. It has a nice, clean design, similar to the popular and growing Etsy and Pinterest tile style layout. As you click a category a full page of products pop up, with easy to browse images, titles, and prices.

Style Outside the Box also offers a wide variety of products. I expected to find a website that focused only on jewlery, handbags, and similar accessories, but I found products for children, men, and the home. Although not every category is as “beefed” up with products as their jewelry and handbag section, I do expect the site will continue to grow and add products.

Fish necklaceWhen I first visited the site I immediatly went to the jewelry section to see if anything caught my eye. They have a range of styles and colors, and I quickly discovered an adorable fish inspired necklace, check it out here as well as other products by Tweak. It is a very unique piece, and is tantalizing enough for me to bookmark for possible future, cute-jewelry-induced spending.

In addition to the adorable necklace I discovered I loved how I could click the “More Tweak Products and Bio” button and find more jewelry by this designer and learn about her.


After the ever tempting jewelry section I moved to the handbags, the equivalent of crack to a purse enthusiast like myself. I saw cute clutch, after cute handbag, after cute tote, until I stumbled upon my new obsession, the Lavender Hobo Sand Handbag. I love the large size and unique cut out design at the top. If only I had the funds to buy it, if I did it would already be gone… Once again I bookmarked this item for future drooling over until I save up my money! Go here to check out this adorable bag and other products from Vanessa Boulton.

As I continue to explore the website I was very pleased to find a category, Gifts under $30. When buying from independent designers you get more detail, higher quality, and a one-of-a-kind item, but often at a higher price. I am all about supporting local and independent, so I am more than happy to shell out a couple extra bucks for a quality item. However, it is still nice to find items at a reduced price.


My favorite item from this section was the set of Happy Crab Blue cloth napkins. They are an adorable touch to any table and a great gift, for a friend or even for yourself. Once again I found myself bookmarking another future purchase. Check out this adorable napkin and other products from Wabisabi Green here!

All in all I really enjoyed Style Outside the Box. It has an Etsy feel, with the tiled images and independent designers, but all housed under one company. If you have questions about products you contact employees at Style Outside the Box, who then contact the designers. Although it may seem like a round-a-bout way I think it will take away the unreliability that exists with many Etsy shop owners.

I encourage everyone to visit the website and take a look for yourself! In addition to their great products they are also offering a 10% discount to one of my readers! All you have to do is check out their site here and share your favorite product in a comment below. I will randomly selected a winner in one week (7/4/2013) using the plugin And the Winner Is….

Thanks for checking out my blog and participating in my giveaway! Help my blog grow by sharing with others, tweeting, liking, subscribing, and commenting, I couldn’t do it without you! Thanks for stopping by!



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