A Hot Mess

This is one of the first pages where I really went for it and experimented… no magazine image to fall back on… and I am hesitant to say it was successful. I really like the concept, blacking out certain words in the book and keeping others… but it didn’t come together quite the way I anticipated. I think the quote I pulled out is incredibly important, “The creation of well-designed, artistic, and useful objects is an important part of every young person’s life”. As an art teacher I often hear things like, “I really want to do art as a career, but my parents say I can’t make any money in art”, which is completely untrue! If you pursue the things you love doing you will be a much happier person, and I wish all parents realized that.

I used bleeding tissue paper to create the colors in the background. I constantly use bleeding tissue paper in my projects. You can create large blocks of colors, tie dyed effects, etc. Not all tissue paper bleeds… I learned this the hard way… You have to go to a craft store and buy “bleeding tissue paper” or “art tissue paper”. I used sharpie for the lines and words, and India Ink for the black splatter. I love the look of splatters, and I also use this a lot in my journal. To do this you have to make a blob of color (using ink, bleeding tissue paper, watercolor, or other watered down paints) and at an angle and blow it quick and hard. As strange as it seems after time you can get better at this. This is one of the first times I did this and it went everywhere, but as I practiced I was able to control the direction and splatter that the color went.

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