Month: July 2014

Handmade Ceramics: Antique Inspired, Stamped Plates


While putting together a new set of handmade ceramic pieces for the lovely shop, Crafted Westside, I decided to try out some new techniques.

I stumbled upon a number of interesting stamps at a local shop, and thought it could be a quick, easy way to add detail to my pottery pieces. I tested the technique out on a set of mugs, and loved the result. Check out the blog post here.

After a successful set of mugs, I decided plates would be a good direction to go. I started by throwing four plates on the pottery wheel. After trimming and finishing them it was time to add the stamps. I pressed the stamp into a thin slab of clay, then took the slab and scored and slipped it to the plate.

Stamped Typewriter


I allowed the plates to completely dry out, then bisque fired them. When it came time to glaze I decided to keep it simple and clean. I used dark brown underglaze to emphasize the stamp, and used a pop of color on the bottom side of the plate.

Antique Stamped Car


I loved the simple, clean look of the front, with the sudden surprise of color on the bottom.

Stamped Chair


Stamped Teapot


I was very pleased with the result and can’t wait to use this technique on other ceramic forms.


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Crafty Projects: DIY No Glue Wreath, Southern Cotton

No-Glue-Wreath   My summer vacation was well underway, and I was feeling antsy. It had been a long time since I had done a craft project, I was about to host a bridal shower, and my door was in need of a new wreath. It was a no brainer, and once I had a free afternoon I was on my way to my local arts and crafts store. It was time to create a summer no glue wreath for my front door. I am always on the look out for good sales, and this week I was in luck. All floral and wreath supplies were 50% off. This meant my wreath cost only $15.00 to make, didn’t use a single stick of hot glue, and took only about 30 minutes to put together.


  • Branch wreath base
  • Dried mini daisies
  • Cotton branch
  • Green ribbon

I knew I wanted more of a monotone color scheme and I wanted to incorporate a branch of cotton, reminiscent of my southern locale. I am also very partial to dried out flowers rather than plastic, fake flowers. I think the end result is much more elegant. Any of the flowers can be switched out to match your taste and color scheme.



Take your base flower, in my case the dried out baby’s breath, and carefully separate individual branches from the bunch. Starting on the edge of the wreath stick the flower stems through the intertwined branches of the wreath base, and continue working your way around the edge of the wreath. Be sure to keep the flowers pointing in the same direction as you stick them into the wreath. If any stems stick through the wreath, wrap the bottom back into the wreath base.

No Glue Wreath Step One

STEP TWO: After the outer edge is covered in flowers, start on the ring on the front of the wreath. This time as you stick the flowers into the wreath have the flowers point in the opposite direction as the first ring. This will give the wreath a messy yet refined look. If your wreath is well enough covered after two layers of baby’s breath, stop here. If the wreath still looks plain, add more layers of the baby’s breath making sure to switch direction of the flowers with each new ring.



After you use all of the dried baby’s breath begin incorporating the dried mini daisies. Carefully stick the stem of the daisies into the wreath, wrapping the bottom of the stem back into the wreath if it sticks out. You can sporadically place the daisies all over the wreath, don’t worry what direction they point as long as they are spread throughout the wreath.


Stick the stem of the cotton into the wreath. Consider placement, do you want it to one side, in the dead center, bunched together, or spread out? I opted to slightly spread the cotton out, and keep it only on the right side of the wreath.



Fill in more daisies around the cotton. It creates a focal point to have the flowers bunch together in one section and spread out as it continues around the wreath. Because the stems are so long the easiest way to incorporate multiple daisies is by trimming the stems. Grab a bunch of daisies in your fingers, trim the stems, and while keeping it in one bunch, stick the stems into the wreath. Make sure the cotton still sticks above the daisies once you are finished.



If you want to incorporate a pop of color tie a ribbon around the top, and allow the excess to hang behind the wreath. By adding ribbon you can also loop the top and create an easy way to hang your wreath.



Hang your wreath and enjoy your hard work and thriftiness!


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Visual Journal Page 72: Being Your Lady


I have the most wonderful marriage of fours years, he is my hub and I am his lady.

Four years of marriage, preceded by five years of dating, nine years of being together, and I am happier than I was on day one. Before meeting Nick I was a bit cynical when it came to dating, marriage, and all things love related. My former relationships, none lasting more than 3 months, always seemed to fizzle quickly. I always knew after a date or two, a few hours of chatting, that this person was not my meant to be.

My mom always told me she thought my first long term relationship would end in marriage, because I always knew exactly what I wanted. I suppose I have to give her a little credit, because she was right.

I met Nick my sophomore year of college. We immediately hit it off at a mutual friend’s birthday party. A week went by, we hung out again, another week brought another meet up. Suddenly we were seeing each other almost everyday, and he would call me just to talk. A month went by, and I still felt butterflies when his name came up on my cell phone.

By the time we crested the three month mark I knew I had found my future hub.

Although in the nine years we have been together we have hit rough roads, had good times, and bad, my belief in our lasting relationship has yet to falter. Sometimes I think about what makes us work so well, what makes our relationship so strong. I wonder why I knew he was the perfect one for me, despite dating other perfectly nice boys.

After thinking it over I realize it is pretty easy to pin point all of the reason why we fit.

We compliment each other. He is outgoing, loves people, and doing things. While most days I may choose to stay home and read a book rather than galavant in Atlanta, he does encourage me to get out more than I would otherwise. My soft meshes with his loud, his opinionated personality balances my people pleasing. We are opposite in so many ways, and it keeps us balanced and life interesting.

We share similar interests where it matters. We love dogs, trying new things, playing outside, working to make our home, our home. We love food, music, and exploring our city. We love cuddling up and watching movies, cooking dinner in, and building fires. We love each other and we continuously work to find ways to remind each other of that.

We never fight over little things. What is the point in arguing over who unloaded the dishwasher last, or fed the dogs? Arguments are inevitable, but they should be saved for the important things. When we argue it is meaningful, and we come to important decisions together because of them. When I spend time with him I want it to be fun and relaxing, not filled with snide comments and nit picking, and we both make a point to enjoy each other.

Although all of these things add up to a very healthy relationship I think the one reason I am happier with him than anyone else is because he treats me like a lady. He not only refers to me as his lady, but he also shows me through his actions. He is proud of me. From the minute we started dating he always proudly introduced me as his girlfriend, and later his wife. He makes me feel good about myself. He takes care of me. If I am sad, he cheers me up. He always puts my needs before his own, and I know he will always be there for me. I never have to question his motives or actions, because I know he is always looking out for the well being of our relationship. I can trust him because he shows me everyday how much I mean to him.

As we celebrate our fourth year of marriage I have no doubt it will be followed by a fifth, sixth, and fifty-sixth year of marriage. Happy anniversary, and thanks for making me your lady.


  • Visual journal
  • Scissors
  • Rubber cement
  • Sharpie
  • Colored pencil
  • Laster printed image
  • Mod podge
  • book pages


For this visual journal page I started with a concept and had to find the perfect way to visually represent it. I knew I wanted to make a “lady” page for Nick, and I needed to find a way to show that. After some brainstorming I decided to base it on a traditional style painting, and soon after I found the perfect Rococo style painting.

Once I found the image I decided to do a mod podge transfer to create an even more dream like feel. To create the image transfer I ripped a page from my book, set it aside, and printed the image on a laser printer. Once I had the image I painted a layer of mod podge on top of the image, and let it dry. I then painted another layer, let it dry, then added a final layer. While the mod podge was still wet I laid it face down on the book page, and rubbed the back until it was well stuck, and no air pockets were left. After it dried onto the page I wet the back of the image, and carefully peeled the paper off. The end result was the ink stuck to the book page, leaving light areas semi-transparent.

After the image transfer was set I decided to make a fancy frame to go around it. I roughly sketched it out with pencil on a separate sheet of paper, then colored it in with colored pencils. I used various shade of yellow and orange to create a three dimensional feel. I then emphasized the shape with a thin sharpie, cut it out, and glued it on top of my image transfer.

I used rubber cement to glue the book page onto another left side page still attached to my book. On the right side page I glued layers of ripped up book pages. In the center I wrote the words “I love being your lady” in sharpie.


Create a visual journal page about an important person in your life. Use the mod podge transfer technique.

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