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Visual Journal Page 46: Playing in the House


I stumbled upon this image of a boy riding a tricycle one day while flipping through magazines looking for visual journal inspiration. I couldn’t decide what to do with it right away, I only knew that I loved it and had to keep it. A couple of months later I finished up my UGA field trip page and turned to my next blank canvas. I found a page full of furniture and no ideas on how to add to it until I rediscovered my tricycle rider.

With the exception of the sturdy looking dresser all of the furniture on the page looks very delicate. What better way to offset this fragile scene than with a child on a bicycle? I love the contrast between the two and the sense of movement his book page path creates. When I flip to the page I am reminded that from time to time we all need to set aside our adult responsibilities, busy schedules, and daily headaches to play.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Book pages


This page was fairly simple to make because the background of the page played such an integral role. All I did to complete it was rip up book pages from an old, faded book, and glue them down weaving in and out of the furniture legs. I then glued my cut out tricyclist on top and added the words in sharpie. Piece of cake!


For your next page challenge yourself to somehow incorporate the page of your book into your finished product. Use the words, images, or something similar as part of your inspiration!

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Guest Post: How to Make Custom Wine Bottle Labels by Ruth Hinds

Having your own wine bottle labels at your wedding is a great way to add a personal touch without breaking the bank. Coupled with this, they can be fairly easy to make once you know what you’re doing! A little bit of creativity and some simple equipment is all you need.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to create your very own wine bottle labels for your wedding drinks.

Untitled 2

Image source:

1. Remove the existing labels from your wine bottles

First of all, take the existing labels off your purchased wine. One of the benefits of doing this is that no one will know if you haven’t spent a fortune on your drinks! Only the hardcore wine drinkers will realise, so it’s easy to get away with saving yourself some cash.

To remove the labels, fill a bath with warm water and leave the bottles to soak for at least half an hour. After this time, it will be fairly easy to scrape off the labels with a spatula. If there’s any remaining residue from the glue, use a gentle soap to remove it.

2. Design and create your new labels

The design of your new labels is only limited by your imagination, and you may already have some ideas in mind for your bottles. You may want to include a drawing, a picture, or maybe just keep things understated with a pretty font displaying the couple’s names. If you’re struggling, look in magazines or online for some inspiration.

Use scrapbook paper, and print your design directly onto it from your computer. You can use special design software if you want to create something fancy, though Microsoft Word or Publisher will often suffice. Once printed, carefully cut out the individual labels. You may want to use special scissors to create pretty edges.


Image source:

3. Attach your new labels to the bottles

Next, simply attach your labels with a strong glue. It can take a little time to get them straight, so it’s worth having a few spares to practice on! The end result will look just as professional as anything you could buy in the shops.

4. Place your bottles on the tables for your big day

The next step is the fun part – serving your wine and showing off your creations! Even if you’re serving budget drinks, when you place your bottles alongside some decent wine glasses, it will create a feeling of style and luxury.

As you can see, it really is easy to make your own wine bottle labels for your wedding. Within just a few hours, you could have created your very own special twist to add personality to your big event.

Are you looking for ways to add a touch of individuality to your wedding day? Will you be trying your own wine bottle labels?

This article was brought to you by Ruth Hinds on behalf of Gurasu. Gurasu sells fine glassware products, including crystal, for the more discerning customer. 

Review and Giveaway: DIY Pattern Paint Roller Room Makeover (closed)

Pattern Paint Roller Before and After

One afternoon while enjoying my daily Etsy peruse I discovered something I couldn’t live without, a patterned paint roller. You use it just like any other paint roller, but rather than simply coating the wall, it creates a pattern similar to wallpaper.

I immediately favorited it and continued my peruse, but just a few days later I placed my order. I decided I had to have it. I purchased my paint roller from the etsy shop, Not Wallpaper, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. After a very long six weeks of processing and shipping it finally arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Pattern Paint Roller Supplies

Before it arrived I had already decided to use it in my guest bedroom. I didn’t mind the beige/pink color, but it didn’t 100% fit with the grayish blue of the bedspread and wall decor. To better tie the room together I choose two shades of gray. I decided to paint three walls with a lighter gray, one wall with a darker gray, and go back on top of the dark wall with the light color using the paint roller.

Tip: when selecting two colors to use in the same room stay within the same color family. I always select my two colors from the same paint strip.

I started the process by repainting the room with my new paint. I painted the wall with the bed on it with the darker gray and the other three walls with the lighter gray. While waiting for it to dry I pulled out my pattern paint roller and began reading the instructions.

It seemed simple enough and had good tips for painting the pattern randomly or in a set pattern, similar to wallpaper. I decided to go the faux wallpaper route and marked two sides of the roller with a + and -. You alternate between the + and – sides at the top of every stripe down the wall in order to get an even, alternating pattern.

Next, I followed the instructions to tape up the sides, top, and bottom of the wall and any outlets. In order to get a continuous roll you need to be able to roll on top of any obstacles (ie outlets). Once everything was set  I rolled the flat roller in the light gray paint, attached the pattern roller, and got to work.

Pattern Paint Roller Set Up

I couldn’t wait to pull the tape off after I finished rolling on the pattern to see it all come together and I loved the results!  In some areas I accidentally slid the roller causing the pattern to elongate and at the end I realized the pattern would overlap because I ran out of space. While not every section is perfect, as a whole it looks amazing. My best advice is to go with the flow and don’t stress if a section goes a little crooked. In the end the pattern really comes together and small mistakes aren’t noticeable.

Pattern Paint Roller Details

I loved the end result so much I decided to do the pattern on the wall across from my front door. I used a slightly lighter color with a satin finish. By using satin on top of matte it creates a very light affect, you can really only see the pattern when the light catches it. I love it!

Pattern Paint Roller

If you love the way this looks and want to get your own pattern paint roller visit Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here or enter my giveaway! Michelle, owner of Not Wallpaper, has graciously agreed to giveaway one pattern roller set, the winner gets to choose the pattern, to one of my lucky readers! All you have to do to enter is favorite Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here, and comment on this post with the name you favorited the shop under.

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Congrats to my winner Dana! Thanks for participating in this giveaway, keep checking back for more chances to win! With the success of this Etsy shop giveaway I hope to review and giveaway more local and handmade items in the future!



Visual Journal Page 45: A UGA Field Trip


My second year of teaching fell during a low point in the economy, which meant a lot budget cuts in the education system. I barely had any money for supplies, my classes were over crowded, and field trips weren’t even an option. However my fellow art teacher, Morgan, and I were determined to get our students out of small town Covington, at least for one day, and we set up the next best thing, a weekend meet up and tour of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

It was a successful mini-trip, but because we had to meet in the city a lot of students didn’t make it. We ended up with a small group of around 10, and as much fun as we had, we wanted to get more students physically in an art museum. We decided we needed to find a way to get a bus full of students to visit UGA and the GA Museum of Art during the spring semester.

It all began with a lot of planning and begging to our administrators. In order to be approved for the trip we had to find a way to pay for everything ourselves. This meant both of our substitutes for the day, the cost of the bus, and any cost for the museum tour and lunch in Athens. We estimated 20 students would go, which meant a high cost per student.

After much back and forth we finally got approval if and only if we had a group of students willing and able to pay the cost. With our fingers crossed we went to our classes and presented the exciting day in Athens, touring the Georgia Museum of Art and Lamar Dodd school of art. We practically begged our students to attend and encouraged them to sign up, after all the more students who sign up the lower the cost per student.

We were both surprised to find the majority of our students expressed interest. However, I was still skeptical. A lot of student will say they are interested, but when it comes time to turn in money they suddenly have excuses for not being able to attend. I nervously awaited our payment deadline wondering if this trip would actually happen.

Apparently I had nothing to worry about.

We had over 50 student sign up for our field trip and we began scrambling, not to find money, but to find a large enough bus to carry our art enthused students from here to there. The day of the trip our huge group piled into our big yellow school bus and we set out.

Our group looked ridiculous pouring out of the bus and into the relatively small GA Museum of Art. We looked even crazier as we crowded the halls of Lamar Dodd and our tour guide attempted to yell facts all the way to the tail of students twisted around the corner. Our mass of students stopped traffic as we crossed the small streets making our way to downtown Athens.

I was convinced with such a large group someone would get lost or left behind, but all in all it was a successful day and amazing trip. I was so excited to have the chance to take as many students as we did to experience a day of art and inspiration in the small creative town I love so much!


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber Cement
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencil
  • White paper
  • Watercolor
  • Mod podge
  • Laser printed image


This visual journal page was created using multiple techniques. I started with the background first by painting a stripe of blue with watercolor, and blowing it to create a splatter. I did the same with green paint, allowed it to dry, and carefully cut it out. I then glued the blued splatter stripe at the top of the page to create an abstract sky, and the green at the bottom of the page to create a ground.

Once was background was set I began working on the big yellow bus. I looked up a picture online to reference and lightly sketched out the general shape. I then took my Prisma colored pencils and began colored it in. I layered multiple layers of color, always alternating between different shades of the same color to create a sense of depth. Once my bus was complete I glued it in the center of the page.

Next, I added a mod podge transfer of our group picture. Before I printed it out I opened it in Photoshop and reversed the image because a mod podge transfer creates a mirror image of the original. By reversing it before transferring it I allow it to look like the original in the end. Once my image was reversed I printed it on a laser printer and painted three coats of mod podge on top. Before the last layer dried I placed the image face down and rubbed the back with scissor handles. Once it dried to the page I wet the back with water and rubbed the paper off the back. This created a semi-transparent image.

All in all I was very pleased with the page, I loved the ghost-like quality of picture on top of the cartoon like background.


Create your own visual journal page about a field trip you took growing up or planned as an adult.

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Paperhouse Productions Magnet Giveaway: Bacon and Sushi Magnets (closed)

Paperhouse Productions Magnets

I am very excited about my next summer giveaway because I get to pick 7 winners to win 2 prizes!! An online paper supply company, Paperhouse Productions, has generously sent me a giant box full of goodies to share with my readers, and for the rest of the summer I will be selecting multiple winners every time!

Paperhouse Productions is exactly what it sounds like, a paper supply company who offers a range of paper products, from themed stationery to scrapbook paper to stickers. In addition to their range of paper products they also offer an interesting collection of magnets.

You can browse their magnets by “type”, such as 3D, car magnets, or sets, or you can browse by “theme”, such as Elvis, animals, or food and drink. As a food enthusiast I immediately went for the food section and began browsing their selection. As soon as my eyes fell upon the bacon magnet I knew this was it.  Everyone knows bacon is one of the greatest foods in life and what better way to express my love for it than by proudly displaying it on my refrigerator?

The sushi magnet came to my attention shortly after I drooled over the bacon magnet, and I decided they would be nice compliments on my fridge. Nothing would look better than two greasy strips of bacon next to a nice clean, fresh looking sushi roll. I let Paperhouse Productions know which magnets I wanted, and eagerly awaited the shipment.

When it finally came I was surprised by the size of the box. I assumed when I put in my sample requests that I would get a few stickers, magnets, and packs of paper. What I actually got was very large quantities of them all! I am so excited for the opportunity to offer multiple prizes to multiple winners. In fact, they sent me so many magnets that I will be doing a second 7 winners 2 prize giveaway next month!


As soon as the box was opened I immediately went on the hunt for the magnets. As soon as I found them they were placed among our many save-the-date, batman, and 90’s cartoon magnets. I stepped back to admire our new additions, and was impressed to see they were a good size, fairly strong, and just as vivid and realistic as they looked online.


I loved the cut out style the magnets had, which gave them a more realistic quality. I was half expecting to get a rectangular magnet, with the picture printed on the center, but was pleasantly surprised when they came out looking exactly as they were advertised.

Paperhouse Productions is a very clean, easy to navigate online shop that I would definitely use again. I love the variety of ways you can shop their store, and the variety of products they offer. You can find more traditional themed items or something more eccentric, for those Elvis loving friends and family.


Although their more traditional magnets are nice, I personally think there is no better magnet to hold up all of our wedding invitations than a nice, classy strip of bacon…

Check out more magnets, stickers, journals, and other products from Paperhouse Productions here. If you would love a sushi and bacon magnet for yourself all you have to do is tweet about the giveaway or like Paperhouse Production’s facebook page. Comment below and include your tweet link or the name you liked their facebook page with. I will randomly select 7 winners to receive one bacon and one sushi magnet next Thursday (7/18) using the plugin And the Winner Is…. Good luck!

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