Play Hard, Sleep Well, Peaceful House

Every now and then I babysit my parent’s dog, Dusty, for a few days. Dusty and my dogs, Jacob (a beagle mix) and Kody Bear (a German Shepard/Husky mix), love to play. Most of the time 15 pound Dusty spends his time jumping up on 75 pound Kody, so he can show him who is boss. It’s a funny thing to watch because Kody just stands there while Dusty, fully stretched, just barely reaches Kody’s mouth. Jake will play with anything that moves, and when he and Dusty get going they are running around in circles. Every now and then Jake and Kody decide to gang up on Dusty, they flip him on his back and Kody spends his time putting his whole mouth around Dusty’s neck, then jumping back. Jake likes to trade off between poking Dusty’s belly with his nose (he loves squeaky toys and I’m pretty sure he is convinced Dusty is a living squeaky toy) and gnawing at his hind legs. Needless to say when Dusty is in town our house is practically a zoo.

The nice thing after an afternoon of hard playing, is when all of the dogs collapse from exhaustion and   don’t move again until the next day. Even better is after Dusty leaves, because it takes a day or two for my pups to fully recover from all of the excitement. I really enjoy it when they play hard, sleep well, and I get my peaceful house.

I was very excited when I stumbled across this picture of a West Highland Terrier yawning. Dusty is a Westie and this image fit him well. It’s good to flip through magazines and rip out any image you like, not just images for a specific page you are working on. I cut the image out and glued it down using rubber cement. I painted a thin layer of gesso to tone down the background a little, then glued ripped up pieces of construction paper on top. I added another layer of gesso to create an area where the words would really stand out. As usual I used sharpie to add the words.

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